Posted by: canthold | January 25, 2009

Nose News Is Good News

There is no (more) swelling to speak of and it never did get as bad as Marcia’s, but my nose still hurts a little. No black eyes and no crookedness that would make me look like a boxer. In other words, no visible signs of my suffering.

I think I finally understand why my kids – and all other kids that I’ve ever known – want a Band-Aid for their wounds – bleeding or not. They want some sort of evidence that they’ve been hurt. They want some sort of comfort that will help them heal, both physically (if necessary) and emotionally. I should have worn a Band-Aid across my nose for these last couple of days.

I’m being a baby about this, sure. It’s not like I broke my arm (again) or sliced off part of my thumb cutting onions (like my husband did in October) but since I wear glasses, and they always slip down, there is a constant reminder that I hurt myself.

All right. I guess it’s time to get over it. I’m done. You won’t hear about my nose again. Unless I bend over like I did before – say – stretching after my run this morning and my dog walks up under me and takes me by surprise before I could stand up fast enough. But I’m okay. Don’t you worry about a thing.



  1. Ouch. My husband head-butted me once, long story, and I had a swollen nose for a week. I also wear glasses, which meant I spent the whole week with them sliding off my face.

    And thanks for the comment. It’s nice to know you’ve been lurking. : )

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