Posted by: canthold | February 5, 2009


Now that it’s spring, the spiders are starting to come out. I’ve been finding little spiders all over my house and if you’ve seen one baby spider, you know there are hundreds more somewhere else.


Yes, it’s February here too.

We’ve had unseasonably warm and dry weather this winter and the trees are so confused that they’re already blooming. I have a tree in front of my house that looks to be ready to clone itself there are so many new leaves. After a few years of massive rain that led to flooding, there’s hardly been any rain this year.

Even today when it rained, it only lightly sprinkled. Mostly. Since we need it so much we’re all looking up to the sky saying, “Bring it on!” And we’re all hoping that it rains in abundance.

And I’m sure that the people heading to Tahoe for ski week will be wanting a lot of rain here, which means snow there. For our week off, we’re going somewhere sunny, though one of the wettest spots on earth. It will be nice to stop stressing out about everything and just relax by the pool or on the beach, but my head isn’t there yet. I’m hoping, though, that it will be.



  1. Weather will get better, relax and seize the day

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