Posted by: canthold | February 6, 2009

Sick Day

My youngest daughter was sick today. She had a high fever yesterday and a lower one today. She’s such a snuggler when she’s sick. Well, she’s a snuggler all the time. We’ve snuggled a lot, which is nice, so long as I don’t catch whatever is causing this little fever of hers. Well, shoot. It would be worth it, I’m sure.

I kind of pictured myself getting a bunch of stuff done. I don’t know why I had such a hairbrained idea as that. I didn’t get a whole lot done at all, though. I even took a nap with my daughter – partly as enticement to get her  to nap, and partly because it was so darned appealing.

I even forgot that she had a piano lesson and was shocked back to life watching her teacher walk down the stairs to my house. Oh, if she’s here, it must be Friday at 3:30pm! Oops!

If only I were one of those people who were naturally neat and tidy and probably organized. I wonder if the character Oscar Madison ever envied Felix Unger? I’ve always identified with Oscar and it really shows. Not that I aspire to live like him, I guess I just secretly hoped that I’d marry a Felix and it would all be taken care of for me.

Maybe in the next life.

I was just telling someone yesterday, in fact, that it will probably take till I’m an empty-nester to get my act together. A sick day here and there is not going to give me enough time to get it all done. I’m just saying…


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