Posted by: canthold | February 24, 2009

My Inner Oscar is Looking For Inner Felix – Again

My family just got back from a beautiful and relaxing trip to Kauai. I didn’t realized how stressed out I was until I un-wound. I feel great right now and it feels like a contrast to something, so I must have really needed it.

And the garbage collectors didn’t collect today.

I almost didn’t want to go on this trip because I wanted to catch up on all the stuff that needed to happen in my house. I envisioned my husband and kids gone for a week while I cleaned top to bottom and organized all the boxes and piles and what-nots that have been weighing me down. I really don’t know how I got so behind! 

I went on the trip – reluctantly, if you can imagine – because I felt that staying home was such a lame choice. Who in their right minds would skip a trip to Hawaii? I say that, but almost every mother I know, when hearing my contemplation had that starry look in their eyes at a time alone at home.

I got a sunburned instead of organized. I think, in hindsight, that it might have been the wrong choice. Apparently I never paid the sanitation department. I don’t remember seeing a bill in a while, but there must have been one. Somewhere. I was past due quite a bit and I never even noticed. How’s that for being behind the eight-ball.

I’ve never had the unfortunate experience of having creditors call me about payment. But I’ve never had the unfortunate experience of having my uncollected garbage sitting in front of my house to advertise my lack of keeping track, either, until today. I guess this is just the humiliation I need to find my inner Felix Unger. (I hope.)

Oh, Felix! Where are you?!



  1. The idea of a week without family in the house does sound appealing. But I know my inner sloth well enough to realize that I’d spend the whole time they were gone catching up on reading and knitting and junk tv-watching.

    I’m very envious of your trip!

  2. I think the idea of getting sick or being too lazy and not having anything to show for the week is what made me want to go, afterall.

    I’ll send you some Kauai vibes! I’m still pretty stress free right now.

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