Posted by: canthold | March 2, 2009

One Bite At A Time

And Johnny Carson puts the envelope to his turban and reads that, then opens the envelope and says,

“How do you eat an elephant?”

That’s me. Eating the elephant that sits on my desk making a mess of my stuff. I got rid of some piles today in my kitchen, and that’s a start.

I cleaned my youngest daughter’s room this weekend. I sort of feel like I should have made her do it, but I’ve never figured that out. She wasn’t doing it on her own, that’s for sure. You see, I felt that I wanted to give her a clean slate. Since she’s been in that room she’s had some “dumping” going on. I felt that I hadn’t really given her the opportunity to know where everything went.

And I killed a couple of spiders.

My vacuum hasn’t seen much action lately, but I have a feeling that it’s about to start ramping up. I’ve killed three spiders in two days and with the way the plants have been blooming lately, there’s bound to be some egg sacks hatching.

So then there’s that other daughter’s room…



  1. One bite at a time – I love it. It will be my new mantra when I feel overwhelmed.

    I make my girls straighten their room, but then I go in once every few weeks with a trash bag and “clean.” The girls are absolutely unable to throw anything away, so I have to do it for them.

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