Posted by: canthold | April 13, 2009

I’m Ready Now

My husband guilted me into going skiing on Saturday. He was going whether I went with him or not and I always get that feeling that my kids are going to remember a childhood without me if I don’t do the fun stuff too, in addition to all my nagging. It was, after all, a three-hour drive in each direction and I couldn’t wrap my melted brain around everything that I needed to do.

At first I wasn’t going to ski, but I ended up hitting the slopes with both kids and hubby. He later told me that he was glad I went because he would not have been able to do it without me. I admitted that even though I didn’t want to do it after being so utterly exhausted from last week that I had fun anyway.

Of course, he also made me look like the Bad Guy to the kids for not stopping at the miniature golf course (with castles!) on the way home (at about 8pm at night, by the way). There is just no way I could have crammed more into that long and exhausting day. I’ll hold this against him for a while until I forget that it’s a rotten thing to do and even he was too tired to miniature golf after skiing.

Then yesterday, Easter, we woke up to the Easter Bunny’s scavenger hunt for baskets and I swear the Easter Bunny trashed my house. It couldn’t have possibly been that messy. Could it?

As I spent what was a day-off for everyone else (sort of) I cleaned bit by bit through some of my house. I followed my kids around and made them clean up before moving on the another area to play. I was quite proud of myself and they were (sort of) annoyed with me.

Then my dog ran away. He never comes when I call him and yesterday, instead of coming to me, he ran down the hill on the other side from my house. Somehow that darned dog got himself shut in my neighbor’s gate. He never came home. They finally called us at 11:00pm, after we had scoured the neighborhood and called the humane society, to tell us that he was there and did we want him to spend the night?

As if I don’t have enough stress in my life.

So, on this first day of Spring Break for my kids and I, I’m going to do whatever I want to and not kick myself too much for not getting enough done and squeeze a nap in somewhere and worry about all there is to worry about tomorrow.

I’m ready to relax now.


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