Posted by: canthold | June 16, 2009

On Defense

So. Summer has started and it’s off with a snails’ pace. I’m still in my pajamas and it’s almost 10:30 AM. That’s not too bad, except I always get dressed first and it sets the tone for my day.

I have had my coffee and someone must have switched it for decaf for all the good it’s doing me right now. Breakfast has been eaten and the girls are upstairs listening to Christmas music. Nothing makes sense.

This morning before anyone else was up – except for my husband, who had already left for work – and the dog, who is my shadow – I went on the Wii Fit. Theoretically, it could be my own personal trainer to take care of all my fitness needs, right? Just watching it start up was exhausting and I understood clearly why I haven’t been working out.

It requires energy.

I took my little fit test and it deemed me (gasp!) overweight! I’m two-pounds into the BMI score that keeps me from being normal. I’ll fix that, I say, eating a bit of raw cookie dough. My fitness tests gave me a Wii Fit Age of only 40. Anything under my chronological age is a bonus to me – though – since I’m pretending to turn 38 this birthday, I’ve got some work to do.

I also tried the Wii Fit Strength Training. I’d never done it before. I went through one exercise, part way, when I noticed I was doing it in the uncoordinated fashion. And then corrected my form. And then worked out with defense!

My dog started nudging me out of balance and my trainer -the virtual guy with the virtually ridiculous pony-tail – made fun of me and said I needed work. Sure. You try working out with defense when you’re not expecting it. Imagine setting your ball up to the tee and a linebacker comes and tackles you before you progress out of your back-swing. Or you’re about to return a shot in tennis when the ball boy runs at you at top speed.

It’s enough to throw your concentration.

And then the barking. On garbage day there is a lot at which to bark.

Suffice it to say that I postponed my Wii session until later. I’m going to have a cup of coffee to get back on the offense and hopefully, finally, get dressed.


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