Posted by: canthold | June 17, 2009

Back On Offense

I have been so darned lazy since – well – since I stopped being so darned busy. I have learned a thing or two, though. First of all, if you’re going to do something small, make it LOOK big. It turns out, though, that my little thing was a big thing in disguise.

I cleaned my bathroom.

I’ve been keeping up on the other bathrooms in the house because other people use them. Mine, however, was getting a little behind. I have a huge shower and I can’t train my husband to squeegee the excess water out and off the tiles and clear wall after he’s done so that it doesn’t sit and make mildew. He thinks that my squeegee is just to make it look prettier and he’s somehow immune. That’s fine. Except that it’s not.

And turning on the fan will not help all the extra water evaporate. (Ahem!)

And I have not cleaned my tub and shower area in long enough that I can’t even tell you. It’s like that part where when I’m strapped for time, instead of sweeping my stairs and downstairs hallway into a dustbin, I cheat and sweep it under my husband’s dresser. (I’ll get to that pile today, I’m sure.)

So I scrubbed my entire bathroom tip to top to bottom. It’s clean now.

My trick is to pour bleach on the grout areas that have discolored and they brighten back white again in about 10 minutes, more or less. I’m not sure how safe it is for the surfaces, but desperate times call for desperate measures. While the bleach sitting in tub with a bit of water did nothing for the tub floor surface, at least I tried. After emptying the water and stripping naked, I proceeded to scrub that tub till it shined like no body’s business. I discovered that instead of black with white stripes, it was actually white with black stripes. And I found a technique that made the job go faster, and I discovered it was quite an upper body workout all that scrubbing.

What I didn’t discover is how to log my extra “workout” on the Wii this morning when I exercised again. My daughter curled up under me making the push-ups easier though. Unfortunately, I’m a half-pound up and my back hurts.

At least I have something to show for it though. You could eat off that floor and there’s not a speck of dust on my baseboards. The only thing left to do in there is empty the lights of bug carcases. But I might just wait until we move for that project.


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