Posted by: canthold | July 6, 2009

Cleaning on Coffee

I’ve been cleaning a lot lately. It’s like I’m on a mission or something. Actually, it’s my secret plan to get a laptop. But more on that later.

This weekend, I spent the entire three days on my daughters’ rooms. Sure, they should be cleaning their own rooms, but this way, I’ve cleared out four bags of trash. How the hell do two little girls have four bags of trash in their rooms? They don’t like to throw stuff away and it just accumulates down there. There are things they think they can’t live without, but they actually will.

(I throw my head back now and laugh the evil laugh of the criminally insane.)

I just feel the need to get it all done before I can do anything else. Unfortunately, anything else includes fun. I gave up the chance to ride my bike yesterday to keep cleaning. What’s wrong with me? It’s like I’m obsessed or driven. Or crazy. Or lazy.

Today I vacuumed my entire dining room and kitchen ceiling (same ceiling) of all the spiders, webs, and dead bug carcasses I could. Then I moved into my living room to get the new Spider Central Hot Spot. You know, where all the cool spiders go to hang out. I kid you not that there were five spiders in the same corner.

And I ironed. I can’t iron without a hint of irony. To me, ironing is the epitome of domesticated wife-y duties. I hate ironing, except that it’s sort of calming. And I watched an episode of Psych while I was at it, which made it worth it, but shhhh! I was complaining. Whenever I iron, I just think that my liberated feminist self has been tied up with her apron strings and thrown into the laundry room.

And I’ll admit, now, that I’m trying to butter up my husband into thinking that given enough time and energy (sans vertigo) to take care of the house, it will look fantastic. And once the house is ship-shape, I will get myself a new laptop because I will have earned it. And I deserve to get something for me every once in a while. For no practical reason except that I want it.

And I do. Want it.



  1. I’d say skip the cleaning and go straight to the laptop.

    And I clean a bag full of assorted “treasures” out of my daughters’ room at least once a month. It’s the best feeling to throw it all away.

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