Posted by: canthold | July 8, 2009


It’s like the wind shifted and I’ve hit the doldrums. I can’t make myself do all the things that I know I need to do. I’ve ended up with a messy house again and I never did quite finish my daughters’ rooms from the weekend.

I even try to write and it sounds like a bunch of drivel, so I haven’t been publishing my posts.

I’ve been trying to look at this new development as a natural part of life. For every burst of productivity, there is a equal and opposite reaction of nothing-activity. Laws of science.

Thinking about the “body at rest stays at rest” makes me want to try to get in motion. I’m hoping that a about 20-minutes on the exercise bike will do it for me, but just in case, I’m not holding my breath.  And meanwhile, I oscillate between wanting to give in to the desire to stop moving while pushing myself to start.


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