Posted by: canthold | July 12, 2009

Bouncing Around

After we got back from camping on Saturday morning, the whole family piled into the car and went to a bunch of garage sales. Considering that we’re having one next week to get rid of stuff, it is particularly silly to bring more into our house. I like the idea of “re-purposing,” though, and use that to justify it all.

We bought a trampoline. For $20. It seemed so hard to resist. The girls got on it to try it out and we could barely get them off. And who doesn’t like to bounce around? The funny part is that since we live on a hill, we don’t exactly have anywhere to put it. There will be a challenge getting it set up – somewhere. But fun will be had by all.

We also bought the girls scooters. They were only a dollar each and after installing new wheels, the girls have not gotten off the darned things. I let them ride in the house. What’s the harm in that? I also allow balls to be thrown in the house, so perhaps I’m just a bit unorthodox. I just like to see them moving.

And speaking of moving…it’s hard not to shake your groove-thang when Michael Jackson is playing. My oldest daughter has become a bit obsessed with the guy since he died. I downloaded a few of his songs for her and they have been played over and over again as if we have a broken record. I like his music but the guy kind of gives me the creeps. I just smile and nod as she makes her big deal.

And lastly in my own bouncing around thing, I just installed additonal memory into my computer. It is faster – I can tell – but not starting any fires as it burns rubber on the concrete. Now I’m going to try yet again to install my wireless network. Wish me luck.



  1. We have had a trampoline for a long time. There’s nothing better for wearing out kids.

  2. That’s the idea! Maybe it will get me moving, too.

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