Posted by: canthold | July 20, 2009

Day One: Office

Today is Day One of my vacation. It’s not exactly vacation, per se, but a whole week with kids at camp together. Five days of no kids – while I’m at home – has probably never been done before. In my whole life.

I’m looking at this week as a total Me Week. And by Me, I mean that I’m getting my shit together.

Today I worked on my office. I had stacks and stacks of stuff piled high that was simply engulfing me and my sanity. I worked my way through most of it and ended up with three (grocery) paper bags of recycling, a bag of trash, and a container’s worth of paper to shred. I feel so liberated.

I accidentally drank too much coffee. It’s something I almost never do, but after a cup of home brew, I went to Peet’s and had a white chocolate mocha (my favorite in the world!) and it was a bit too much. I was a little jittery and it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been. Regardless, I got so much done.

And then I napped.

Unfortunately, the big picture needs a lot of work, so it’s hard to see this as much of an accomplishment quite yet, but I’m on my way. Rome wasn’t de-cluttered in a day.

I was going to try Bikram Yoga today for the first time. That’s the hot yoga, in case you didn’t know. After dropping off the kids I didn’t have enough time to make the 9:15 session, but by 11:30, I couldn’t tear myself away from my tasks. I was making too much headway.

I ate some lunch then petered out until my nap pulled me down for the count. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t finish my office, didn’t exercise, and generally didn’t do more. Why does a Me Week have to have some sort of self-criticism in it?

My solution was to eat a pop tart and let myself off the hook. I can still get stuff done when the girls get home. The day is not over yet!



  1. My big two go off to day camp next week. I’m looking forward to Tuesday and Thursday when they will be a camp and The Boy will be at preschool leaving me with just the baby. I have plans for cleaning and sorting and throwing out!

  2. The big, Throwing Out comes today. I shouldn’t have waited until the last minute, but that’s just me. Good luck with that.

    Have fun next week. Squeeze something special in for yourself while you’re at it.;)

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