Posted by: canthold | July 27, 2009

Morning Surprises

My thumb has grown back. Mostly. I’m keeping a band aid on it just in case, but for the most part, it’s not causing me the extreme grief it had.

But the spiders are starting to get to me. You know it’s bad when you dream that there are spiders everywhere. Since cellar spiders will cast little webs to sit in, just about anywhere, they’ve appeared in my dream as located every twelve inches at waist level throughout every room in my house.

I got the vacuum out in my dream and proceeded to clear the place out until I found a baby tarantula on my window sill. The vacuum didn’t work on this large thing. Somewhere towards the end of that dream and waking up, I came upon the question as to how many babies tarantulas have at one time. It seems baby cellar spiders come in the millions. What about tarantulas? Are they live births at nine-month intervals like us? I shivered to think about how many tarantulas might have been in my house had I found that baby like in my dream.

This morning, after I got back from dropping my oldest off at camp, my husband was still here trying to get his computer set up with our home network. He called me over to him while he sat at my desk and I watched a large spindly cellar spider drop down – slowly – to almost reach the keyboard. My incredibly brave, virile, sexy, did I mention brave?, husband clapped the thing dead and flicked it.

Not to be out “icked” by the cellar spider near-miss and the spider dream, I went out on my bottom deck, the one off my bedroom, and saw a BIG, black, thick, scary spider sitting on the back of the chaise. I had to test, of course, that it was dead, and can’t help wondering how that happened. Probably my cat.

So now that my Creapy Crawlies are on full alert, I’m going to try to clean the house before camp pick-up. What does my day hold in store for me. What will I find next?

(And just before hitting Publish, my youngest called out to me that there was a spider at the top of the stairs – which means she can’t use them until I come save her. Heavy sigh.)


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