Posted by: canthold | August 14, 2009

Getting A Deal

It all started with a yard sale. One Saturday morning, my husband took the whole family to a bunch of yard sales. We have too much stuff as it is, but both of us like a deal and heck, we’re re-purposing stuff.

We bought a trampoline for $20. We actually left the sale without it because we didn’t know where to put it. We don’t have any flat space on our property to speak of and making a part of our hillside would require terracing and retaining walls. Ultimately, we decided we’d figure something out and went back for it. It would be fun.

I helped the seller take it apart (a couple days later) and it wasn’t easy. There was a hammer and apparently he was strong. It sat in our driveway for a while until we decided what to do with it.

After ordering a safety enclosure online, (I got a deal!) we decided to put it up on our parking deck. This, of course, means that our cars are displaced, but it would be fun. The enclosure arrived today and I put the trampoline together. It wasn’t easy, as I am not as strong as the seller was and I only had my kids to help. They didn’t want to either, but they were excited.

Putting the trampoline together was like assembling a giant puzzle. I got it together, but as I tried to stretch the part you jump on onto the springs that connected it to the frame, I ran into problems. I wasn’t strong enough to get the job done so I took a break. When I went back out, I figured out a way to use a long screwdriver as leverage and managed to connect the jumping thing.

I was so proud of myself for solving this.

My attempt at getting the enclosure put on stalled out until I called a friend to help me. Once that was up, I made sure all the kids had a good jump and my friend had a good jump. After they left, I must have jumped in that thing with my kids for a good hour-and-a-half.

As you may or may not know, apparently I have a little problem when I jump. My bladder was having a good laugh at my expense. At first I thought it was just minor and I’d deal with it later. Then, after a good fall-down with my kids, one of them commented that I had wet my pants. Sure enough, I looked like Fergie in concert. I kept jumping, trying to act all nonchalant. Unfortunately, my kids kept on asking questions about why and did I just go pee? No, I didn’t just go pee. It happens one drip at a time. Yikes!

We jumped and jumped and jumped. It was so darned fun.

Until we stopped. Ever since about an hour past coming inside, my knees hurt, my back hurts, my neck hurts, it hurts to go up and down the stairs, it hurts to do anything. This can only be good for me if all my muscles are plum tuckered out. But for a $20 trampoline, I’m sure paying the price.



  1. My bones were creaking just reading that entry. Next time you may want to consider as part of your trampoline pre-execution checklist a pair of Depends. And for what it is worth, I’ll be keeping an eye on the circulars for any sales of Ensure for you. Are you sure you’re only 38*?

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