Posted by: canthold | January 2, 2010

The TV

And just like that, I wanted to write again…It feels like I’ve been gone for a long time…

We have a Super Gigantic TV in our living room that I inherited from my dad. If you’re going to watch TV, it might as well be big. This one is and it’s been enjoyable to view movies, of which my husband and I watch quite a few, being movie buffs and all.

Unfortunately, it’s been getting, shall we say, tired. I’m not one to subscribe to the notion that technology becomes obsolete in the blink of an eye. I will have my techie devices for ages before I give them up. I am even surprised by the new ones as if it’s a miracle that they’re so much better. This TV is no different. Because it’s not a flat screen, but rather a room-sized screen, it is more like an over-sized piece of furniture than just a TV. My husband has been working me trying to get me to buy into getting a flat screen just to give us extra square footage in our living room.

Since this TV has been getting tired, it has been giving us images that look like the picture is being shown in each of the primary colors, not overlapping. I wonder if 3D glasses would make this effect more cool than annoying. I don’t have any to make the test, though. Sometimes turning the TV off for a brief period of time will make the picture normal. Other times, I bang on the TV like Fonzi would and it fixes for me. I feel quite cool when this happens.

So even I am getting fed up with the TV’s unpredictability and practically unwatchable picture and I’m not pretending anymore that it doesn’t bother me. I have even acquiesced to (gasp!) replace it. Not any normal TV will be able to replace it, though. My husband will not wear glasses so foreign films with subtitles need to be large enough to read for him. Anything under 52″ will be too small. (Better a bigger TV, apparently than being four-eyes.)

As we started investigating our options, overlooking the tempting one of not having a TV at all, the strangest thing happened. Our TV is working just fine. I’m sure its on its best behavior to remain securely planted in our home. I’m sure it’s grown attached to watching our family snuggle together for a G-rated movie or an episode of iCarly. I’m sure that the idea of being dismantled and sold for salvage or deposited unceremoniously (and very ecologically unsoundly) into a landfill makes it quiver those individual color pictures to coalesce.

We’ll see…



  1. welcome back!

    my husband is desperate for a large, flat-screen tv, but so far i’ve managed to hold him off. i don’t want a giant thing taking over our already too small living room.

    • Thanks! My husband thinks that a flat screen will add square-footage to our living room. We’ll see. We’re back to multicolored images again.

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