Posted by: canthold | February 11, 2010

Again With St. Anthony

I think I’m on a roll here. After calling upon my own personal Patron Saint, I’ve been finding lost earrings all over the house. I found an earring that I honestly thought was gone for good. I probably haven’t seen it in two-years.

While the finding of things has been leaving me awestruck, the losing of things has been driving me crazy. I turned my house upside down looking for a new book of checks. I ran out and since I use them so infrequently, I completely forgot the place that I put them to keep from losing them.

I looked high and low for my running tights this morning so that I could get back out there again. I had just seen them and when I went to put them on they were nowhere to be found.

One of my strengths has always been my ability to find lost things, but they’re not usually my things that are lost. I’m wondering why I’m doing it so much these days. Maybe I’m losing my mind.

And if losing things has become so easy, how come I can’t seem to lose these extra pounds?



  1. I am excellent at finding other people’s lost stuff, not so much with my own. And after reading your post about finding your wedding band, I put mine back on. I had been wearing just a plain eternity band I inherited from my grandmother and leaving off my engagement and wedding rings. They’re back on now, and I’m remembering how much I lurve them.

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