Posted by: canthold | February 24, 2010

Spring Again

I’m sitting in bed, buried under my covers wearing a turtleneck, fleece pants and a wool snow hat and thinking about spring while my teeth are chattering. I’m cold!

I’m a baby, too.

While sitting on my bed, buried under my covers, surfing the internet, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I was trying to keep my head still because spring brings my vertigo back – as it has for about a week now – when sure enough, something moved again. A spider. Not a super-scary black one, but a pseudo-scary light tan one that has very bouncy legs and too much spring in its step, (no pun intended.)

If only the darned thing had gone in a different direction. I was feeling particularly charitable tonight and didn’t want to get out my spider-sucker-vacuum (it is almost 11pm) and I didn’t want to move my head to see clearer. But it crawled like it was running away from a mugger right up to my ceiling. From there, a fateful turn towards the closet would have been the way to go, but instead it crawled to just about right over my head. Into the tissue it went.

As I took my little package into the bathroom, I felt that familiar tackiness and suspected that I walked into a spider web. Just as I was thinking that was plain paranoia, I spot a giant cellar spider dangling right above the light switch.

And just as fast as you can flip the light and shut the door, you can be assured that spring is upon us.


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