Posted by: canthold | March 3, 2010

Drop Everything And…

The school that one of my daughters goes to has a term they use – DEAR Time – when they Drop Everything And Read. I love it. I’d love to have DEAR Time all the time, if I could. Sometimes it evokes the thought of Stop, Drop and Roll, the exercise necessary if you find yourself in a fire. Or is it on fire?

In any case, I’ve spent the last couple of days picking up Dropped Balls. You know, those pesky balls you drop when trying to juggle. I only mean this in the figurative sense, since I’m really good at juggling two balls and horrible at juggling three balls so that I never really juggle three anymore. But I juggle all kinds of other things. I juggle children, schedules, a Very Demanding Dog, sleep, a job(?), and anything and everything else that flies up in the air. When I have more than two going at the same time, they magically morph into chainsaws and dropping them becomes even more risky than it would already be anyway.

My crazy job ended on Monday. I was so sad. We were trying to find a solution that worked for both sides of the table and we couldn’t reach an agreement. I loved my job. Mostly. I didn’t feel good when I said good bye, and the funny thing is that it didn’t feel final, either.

Tuesday I woke up (after a restless, nearly sleepless night) feeling a bit relieved. I felt that I had a chance to pick up said Dropped Balls and reconnect to all the things in my life that I had put on a shelf while completely submerged in my new experience. It was not the same relief that you feel when something bad has ended – because I didn’t think what I left behind was bad – but it was a relief like crawling into bed after a long day, or coming home after a hectic business trip. The stress that I’ve been carrying around in my shoulders and tightly wrapped around my head and neck seemed to loosen and slowly start the process of fading.

And then the call came.

Would I be willing?…And so we begin further negotiations. Welcome back, Stress! I missed you for those two moments! I am looking forward to a resolution. A good one. A satisfying one. A resolution with a win/win outcome. Is that possible? Can’t it please happen?

And what of my time? I just want to take a nap. I just want to have accomplished all that I intended to when all business Dropped on Monday. I want to have some DEAR Time. I want to Drop Everything And Relax.


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