Posted by: canthold | March 8, 2010


You know that line in “Private Benjamin” when the platoon is marching in a circle in the rain and they’re all mad at Judy? And she says, “I want to wear my sandals. I want to go to lunch. I want to be normal again.” Well, I love that.

I’m starting to find my normal again.

Apparently, it’s not at work. But my home-life is feeling pretty darned great. I’ve slipped into my old spot and it feels good. Comfortable. Familiar.


I have today ahead of me full of opportunity, possibility and best of all, the time to achieve all of that. I’m probably going to do some rushing and cramming, but for now, it feels just fine. And after two cups of coffee and having already walked the dog, watch out.

(Now where is my list?)


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