Posted by: canthold | March 12, 2010

It’s Heeeerrrrreeeee!

My vertigo has returned to roost. It’s been haunting me with more frequency these days.

Today I went to the bathroom at work (did I mention that I’m back part-time right now?) and I got vertigo while in there. It was the weirdest thing. I’m really glad I didn’t fall in.

Even though I’ve discovered the connection between my allergies and vertigo, I’m not having any luck dealing with it. You see, dealing with the allergies is pretty awful, too. If I take allergy medicine, I’m super-tired all the time. I’m sure there is “no drowsy” formulas, but apparently I don’t have one. That’s the oral medication that I take. Another one of those doesn’t really seem to help. The nasal steroid that I have just grosses me out. The bitter taste dripping down the back of my throat gives me too severe an aversion that I simply cannot make myself do it.

I’m not at that completely miserable stage yet, but I can see it coming. I hate getting vertigo. I really do.


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