Posted by: canthold | March 29, 2010


I visited my daughter’s class the other day and I sat in a circle with the kids. We went around the circle and said which season was our favorite and why. Most of the kids said Summer and Winter, for all the obvious reasons. When my turn came, I said it was whichever season I was currently in and that I could always find something great about each season.

I take it back.

I do like the new growth of spring, but I think it’s my least favorite. In fact, I’m not sure that I can use “spring” and “favorite” in the same sentence.

We’ve had a very wet winter this year. I haven’t minded the rain one bit. I’m going to miss it even. We’ve had a dry spell (until today) and once the weather cleared, the bloom has gone on full force. I’ve had major allergy problems ever since. My vertigo is on red alert (meaning it could happen at any time) and The Bugs Have Arrived.

As you are probably aware, I have some issues with spiders. They are showing up and setting out their welcome mats in all the corners and crevices of my house. I think I’m getting a little desensitized to them, but still. I could do without the steady influx of new residents.

In addition to the spiders, however, our dining room has been over-run by ants. Rather than a trail of them to a specific item of food, they were all spread out on my floor and kitchen table as if someone had mopped with sugar water. (Or rum, as they weren’t crawling around, but just there!) I have no idea where they’ve come in and whether this is a spring thing, a food-left-out thing or a fluke.

I managed to mop my floors with something other than sugar water and I’m crossing my fingers that it was a fluke and they won’t be returning. If they do, my spring just might sprang.



  1. I generally like fall best because it offers a respite from the misery that is summer. Plus, as lovely as the weather is in the spring, I know that each day brings us closery to the misery that is summer.

    Have I mentioned it’s miserable here in the summer?

    First spiders, and now ants? Your house is a menagerie.

  2. Go to Home Depot/Wal-Mart and get a gallon of pest control killer (your choice) in a gallon container with the spray top attached (or get pest killer in concentrate form and mix up your own adding water). Spray around the perimeter of your house along the foundation and around the edges of your doors and windows. That should take care of your pest problem for awhile. I was inundated by ants last spring, sprayed and was ant free the rest of the year. Get the spray that kills ants and roaches to kill two bugs with one stone. For what it is worth: you do realize those spiders are still alive inside your vacuum, correct?

  3. The poison suggestion makes me think that you don’t know where I live. We don’t do poison here. Every other house has a ladybug sign that says “Pesticide Free Zone.”

    We don’t have roaches. After the sewer roaches in Arizona, I’m quite grateful for that ! As for the spiders, they may still be alive in my vacuum, but I like to pretend that they sucked into a self-contained forest where they can run free and catch lots of prey.

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