Posted by: canthold | March 29, 2010

Thinking Again

Do you ever hear or see something that you can’t get out of your mind? I had a couple things lately that my mind keeps returning to like my tongue to that popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth.

The first one was when I was driving to work the other day. I was annoyed that the car in front of me was going SO DOGGONE SLOW! But it was because I was so close to my exit that I didn’t end up in front of them. So I sat behind them at the light after getting off the freeway and when the light changed, they didn’t go, either. A few seconds later, a red BMW came flying by – running the red light at twice the speed limit. All I could think was if I had been first at the light, I might have been in a massive T-bone accident. I might not even have survived.

I might have also seen the car and not gone, too. Who’s to say? Either way, I have had the feeling that I was taken care of by the universe that day.

The other thing was that my daughter went to use my bathroom the other night and walked in, but quickly walked back out. She said there was the worse black spider you’ve ever seen and never go into the bathroom ever again. (Like that’s going to happen, but still…)

Today she claimed it was a tarantula and was a little reluctant to take her shower. I never saw the spider personally. Once she called it a tarantula, though, I couldn’t help but think about that spider I saw that time. I tried to find the link, but could not. It was the time that the black spider was so big that my vacuum almost couldn’t suck it up. It’s not inconceivable that she saw a baby tarantula in my bathroom and the one referenced was a tarantula, too.

I can’t stop thinking of where it could be now. It’s not like the darned thing would just show itself to the door. Where is it going to turn up next?



  1. I think I’d be looking to move if there was even the remotest possibility of finding a tarantula in my bathroom!

  2. If I were you I’d wear some ear plugs, I hear they like to crawl into people’s ear canals at night. It’s a nice, dark, warm spot to bed down. Or is that just an urban legend, I can’t remember. Sweet dreams!

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