Posted by: canthold | March 31, 2010

I Got It!

I was sorting through what could have been the Himalayas worth of clothes piled in my hallway when I reached down to get something from the bathroom floor and there it was. The Giant Spider. The elusive, almost mythological tarantula that disappeared.

Or it could have been a second one.

And it wasn’t a tarantula. It was big, don’t get me wrong, but I know a tarantula when I see one. Oh, it was big.

I sucked it up and as much other stuff that I could just to keep the vacuum running for a while. My vacuum has been making a funny noise these days. It’s the kind of funny noise that would make any normal person take their vacuum to the vacuum repair shop. I will not be going, however, because my to-do list is way too long and there are many items in front on the list.

As I get all the clothes in the wash and out of the dryer, I’m going to focus on the simple yet very challenging task of getting them folded and put away.



  1. I can wash and dry laundry all day long. My challenge is also getting everything folded and put away.

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