Posted by: canthold | April 25, 2010

1000 Legos

I knew that I had the whole unstructured day ahead of me and I had ambitious plans for it. Instead, vertigo decided to sit on my painful shoulder to watch and wait. It hasn’t struck yet, but it sure has put a wet blanket on my list of things to do.

With endless possibilities and two cups of coffee in me, it’s not quite 11:00am and I’ve only washed part of the dishes. I’ve rearranged some of the clutter in the dining room – or the Collection of Crap Area – and was just about to do something (who knows what at this point) when someone walked by my house. My energetic attack dog went into full alert and started barking to save my life. It was imperative that I learn of the intruder upon his territory! He ran for the front door and in his exuberant effort, up-ended a box of 1000 Legos.*

I’m not a big fan of Legos in the first place. Any item with so many tiny pieces is a nightmare and these are no exception. When my husband brought the box home, the kids loved them, but I kept them out of reach and away as much as I could. Selfish, I know, but a sanity keeper nonetheless. A couple of days ago, we liberated them from their hiding place to use as manipulatives to demonstrate a math concept related to volume comparison. Being a lazy ass, however, I didn’t get them put away right away. Sitting in my kitchen without the lid was a recipe for disaster and I deserved the disaster I got this morning.

1000 pieces. We don’t have carpet either, so they did a good bit of scattering on the floor. And being less of a neat freak than I aspire to be, picking them up mixes the dog hair and dirt into the mix. If only I had put them away. If only I had never gotten them out. If only I had given them away to someone with boys years ago. If only someone hadn’t walked in front of my house.

*Spell check corrects this to Lego’s. That just looks funny to me. Why would the plural of Lego have an apostrophe ‘s’? I’m going to leave it as it is. I don’t really care if it’s correct or not. I have about 500 more Legos to clean up still.



  1. Scoop them up with your vacuum cleaner – the spiders will have something to play with and pass the time. 😉

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