Posted by: canthold | June 7, 2010

Tumbleweeds of Fur

Has it really been that long since I’ve written? Time flies when you’re too busy to know what day it is!

I’ve been on my laptop in my ant-room, I mean dining room. I’m so tired of ants. I’ve gotten them mostly under control, but they are persistent and plentiful. I just watched an ant crawl into my keyboard. Damn thing! I used a can of cold air to blast it back out, but it didn’t work. I’m hoping it crawls out on its own and doesn’t mess up my computer.

(Brief pause for swearing.)

I’m back.

Today, the funniest thing happened. Or – a very funny thing happened today that made me laugh out loud in public without a care for who might have thought I was completely insane.

My dog is shedding wildly right now. If you pet him, a tuft of hair will fly from his back. While on our walk this morning, when he stopped to eat some grass, I rubbed his back vigorously to loosen up some more tufts of fur. Then, I ran my hand along his back and it sent the tufts flying off in the breeze. I watched them as they fell to the street and started rolling like tumbleweeds. As if that wasn’t weird enough, my cat sprang up from behind us (she follows us when we go for a walk) and pounced on the fur-tumbleweed as if it were a dust bunny for her to play with. She kept attacking them, which made me want to make more and I laughed my butt off until my dog had had enough and was ready to move on.

My cat kept following us until we got a few more houses down when a blue jay dive-bombed her and she decided she didn’t want to come along. That’s another very weird site – to see your cat threatened by a bird. What other unexpected things are there to look forward to today?


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